• Kod produktu: 248160
  • Napięcie zasilania: 12~24V DC
  • LED line® LC MULTI CONTROLLER – small, yet powerful…

    LED line® LC MULTI CONTROLLER has been designed to make control of the light even easier than before. The most significant feature of this device is versatility. LED line® LC MULTI CONTROLLER can be used to control every type of LED line® strips: single colour, MULTI WHITE™, RGB and RGBW, 12V or 24V.

    The controller makes use of the most modern communication technology which allows multiple devices to be connected with home router and be controlled by single smartphone through the use of home’s WiFi. Another advantage of this system is the option to control the light by several smartphones or other devices simultaneously.

    Thanks to intuitive app, “LED line LC”, dedicated for devices with Android and iOS systems, controlling the light and dividing rooms into separate sections is remarkably easy. Apart from the pre-programmed scenes (bedroom, office, bathroom etc.) the user can define custom ones easily.

    LED line® LC MULTI CONTROLLER responds to voice input and music, which makes the lights to dynamically respond to the surrounding environment.

    TIMER function allows to program the light to work at specific time, which can be used to create impression that people are at home when they are outside or to gently wake us up in the morning.

    The app is available for download from App Store and Google Play.

  • Max. load (channel): 6A
  • Max. load (total): 10A
  • Dimensions (L. x W. x H.): 86x45x23 mm
  • Input voltage range: 12~24V DC
  • Output signal: RGB - PWM control MULTIWHITE™ dimming - PWM control ONE COLOR RGBW
  • Method of adjustment: smartphone
  • Operational temperature: -20 ~ + 60°C
  • Signal connector (input): mounting clips for cables
  • Weight with box: 61g
  • Predefined colors: red/green/blue/yellow/violet/cyan/white
  • Dimming / brightening function: yes
  • Number of pre-defined programs: 4
  • Pre-defined programs: Step change 3 colors / step change 7 colors / smooth change 3 colors / smooth change 7 colors
  • Adjustable speed: tak
  • Pre-defined levels of brightness: C:100% W:0%/C:80% W:20%/C:60% W:40%/C:50% W:50%/C:40% W:60%/C:20% W:80%/C:0% W:100%
  • Number of pre-defined brightness levels: 11
  • Adjust brightnessj: yes
  • Brightness adjustment range: 0 ~ 100%
  • Predefined colors RGBW: 8
  • Predefined colors RGBW: red/green/blue/white/orange/yellow/blue/purple
  • Dimming / Brightening function RGBW: tak
  • Number of pre-defined brightness RGBW: 9 Brightness levels for each color
  • Brightness adjustment range RGBW: 0 ~ 100%