Downlight LED line® holagen round adjustable - white matt

Gwarancja: 5 years

  • Kod produktu: 246425
  • Materiał obudowy: Cast aluminum alloy
  • We present you with our addition to the downlight family of LED line® products: Adjustable downlight that lets you adjust it in every plain, 360° horizontally, 80° vertically. It is perfect solution for illuminating apartments, shops, shopping centres, museums and every place where precise control over the angle and direction of the light is required.

    White LEDline® downlights are a suitable solution for any interior. Downlights blend in well with the ceiling which further emphasizes the visual effect of the light.

  • Adjustable downlight. Inclination angle: 80º, rotation angle: 360º


  • Downlights are suited for MR16 bulbs with a 50 mm enclosure.

  • Material: Cast aluminum alloy
  • Colour: white matt
  • Diameter of mounting hole: 110 mm
  • Luminaire for installation with installation: 12V
  • Use with light bulbs of maximum power: 35 W - MR16
  • Protection against electric shock: III class of protection
  • Minimum distance from illuminated surface: 0,5 m
  • Angle of deviation: 80°
  • Dimensions: 130 x 80 mm
  • Weight: 273g